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Summary of Coverage

1. Ordinary fire insurance, designed to provide protection against loss or damage by fire and lightning in the case of buildings and contents, including, if desired, loss of rent while the premises are inhabitable, and architects’ and surveyors’ fees in connection with reinstatement.

In this class of business you can negotiate the following sections, which are distinguishable:

• Subsidence of ground, heave, landslip, erosion unless caused by fire, lightning, explosion, aircraft, impact, earthquake, riot, labor disturbances, storm, tempest or flood.
• Change in temperature.
2. Extra perils.These include Fire and Allied Perils Insurance covering loss and damage arising out of Fire, Lightning, Explosion, Earthquake, Storm, Flood, Impact, Malicious Damage, Civil Commotion, Subsidence, and Spontaneous Combustion, Sprinkler Leakage etc. by an endorsement for an ordinary fire policy.
3. Property All Risk policies are a modern development in the popular comprehensive cover on the buildings and contents that are accidentally physically lost, destroyed or damaged by perils from external source other than those specifically excluded as:
Loss of profits: Polices under this heading provide an indemnity in respect of loss of profits (including increased cost of working), as distinct from loss of capital, consequent upon fire. Consequential loss Insurance covers Business establishments from financial losses caused by interruption of their business following loss of or damage to the property from insured perils.
Household Insurance: Policy under this insurance covers loss of or damage to the contents whilst contained in the insured building.
  • Electrical or Mechanical Breakdown of Machinery or Equipment