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Required information

  • A clear written offer (by proposal form, or broker’s slip ).
  • A fully completed Survey Report, incorporating a sketch plan of the risk, showing distances between buildings.
  • For industrial risks, full details of the manufacturing process, hazardous materials, storage details, type of plant and source of power.
  • For other risks (even private villas); details of valuables and how they are safeguarded, (type and position of safes, details of alarm systems).
  • Any theft (or “all risks” cover on jewellery, works of art etc., requires an itemized valuation, and photographs of the property).Surveys must be made by our In-house Risk Assessor and approved by the General Manager, before being accepted as correct underwriting information. However, if the risk is of high sum insured or of a risky nature, the General Manager will decide to appoint an independent Risk Assessor to make a pre-risk survey.