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Required information

The type of treatments not covered?

1. Injury caused deliberately by the person.

2. Illnesses, caused by misuse of certain medicaments, stimulants, tranquilizers or by consumption of alcoholic drinks, drugs and the like.

3. Plastic surgery or treatment unless necessitated by an accidental bodily injury not excluded in this part.

4. Full checkups, vaccinations, drugs or preventive procedures that do not require any medical treatment stipulated in this policy (with the exception of the preventive procedures stated by the Ministry of Health such as, vaccinations and maternity & childhood care).

5. Treatment related to pregnancy and delivery for a woman on a single status contract.

6. Free of charge treatment of an insured person.

7. Rest, general body health programs and treatment at social welfare houses.

8. Any illness or injury resulting directly from the profession of the insured.

9. Treatment of genital diseases or the medically recognized diseases that are communicated by sexual intercourse.

10. The treatment expenses for the period following the diagnosis of HIV or the diseases related to HIV including AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) their derivatives, synonyms or other forms thereof.

11. All costs related to teeth implantation, dentures, bridgework (fixed & removable) or orthodontics excluding those resulting from violent external actions.

12. Tests for correction of sight or hearing and audio-visual aids, unless requested by a licensed physician.

13. Expenses of transportation within and between the Kingdom’s cities of an insured by transportation mean “other” than ambulances belonging to the Saudi Arabian Red Crescent Association and authorized ambulances.

14. Alopecia, baldness or wigs.

15. Psychotherapy, mental or neurotic disorders excluding acute cases, as per policy schedule.

16. Allergy tests of whatever nature excluding those related to drugs, diagnosis or treatment.

17. Equipment, aids, drugs, procedures or treatment by hormones for birth control, inducing or preventing pregnancy, sterility, impotence, infertility, tube fertilization or any others means of artificial insemination.

18. Any defects or congenital deformities, unless they pose threat to the insured’s life, except cases that should be treated according to a medical decision by the Council’s approved health facility.

19. Any additional costs or expenses incurred by the person escorting the insured during his hospitalization or stay in hospital with the exception of hospital accommodation & boarding costs for one escort per an insured, i.e. the accompanying of the mother of her child- up to twelve years old or whenever this is medically necessary, all at the discretion of the treating doctor.

20. Treatment of acne or any other treatments related to obesity or overweight.

21. Cases of implanting transplanted organs and bone marrow transplantation or implantation of artificial organs that replace any body organ.

22. Personal hazards mentioned in the definitions part of this document.

23. Medicines and treatment methods of alternative medicine.

24. Artificial and supporting limbs except those required by the insured’s condition according to a medical decision by the Council’s approved health facility.

25. Physiological changes of the female menopause, including changes in menstruation.

This policy will not cover health benefits and repatriation of the remains to country of origin if claims are directly arising from the following:

  1. War, invasion, foreign enemy actions, aggressive actions (whether war declared or not) and civil war.
  2. Ionic radiation and contamination with radioactive material resulting from nuclear fuel or any nuclear waste resulting from the burning of nuclear fuel.
  3. The radioactive, poisonous, explosive properties or any other hazardous properties of any nuclear materials stored or any of their components.
  4. The insured involvement or participation in the service of the armed forces, police or their operations.
  5. Riots, strikes, terrorism or any similar acts.