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Summary of Coverage


1. Contractors / Erection All Risk
This section of insurance covers Loss or damage, on a construction site, involving raw materials, construction works or plant and equipment. Also it could be extended to cover the Legal liability for bodily injury and/or property damage to third parties and damage to surrounding property.
2. Machinery Breakdown
Damage caused by the sudden physical breakdown of machinery. Faulty materials, such as defects in casting, design fault and incorrect use by employees.
3. Electronic Equipment Insurance
Covers any loss and/or damage to Computers, Laptops, Digital/Video cameras etc… caused by any insured peril e.g. fire, lightning, acts of God while at work, rest, being dismantled, moved, cleaning, inspection etc.
4. Deterioration of Stock
Damage to frozen, refrigerated or chilled foods by changes in rise or fall in temperature in the cold chambers following the breakdown or machinery or contamination by accidentally leaked refrigerant fumes.
5. Contractor’s Plant and Equipment
Covers all kinds of static plant, equipment, tools etc. Usually factories, refrigeration units etc., require such type of policy to protect their assets